Revolutionizes Your Colouring Style

Flamboyage is an innovative colour service that enhances natural reflects to create super rich reflect patterns all along the hair length, whilst offering unprecedented creative freedom to hairdressers and colourists. 

Personally designed by Angelo Seminara, this innovative colour service is offered exclusively in Davines Salons thanks to the brand new Flamboyage Meche, a tool for a revolutionary new approach to colour.

This is a partial adhesive strip that provides precise and creative colouring, by selecting and isolating with a simple rapid gesture a small random amount of hair which firmly adheres to the strip, to become a new working surface.  Furthermore, thanks to its transparency, it is possible to check the developments of colour during the processing time.

Flamboyage Meche is a tool that is versatile, practical and very easy to use to achieve final results with and extremely natural spontaneous look. 

The new Flamboyage colour service guarantees a diffused and harmonious chromatic result and minimizes the regrowth effect.

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