Davines OI Treatment Launch

Davines Oi Lotion Absolute Hydration Treatment

The Oi Lotion is a moisturizing treatment.  It is ideal for all hair types.  This unique formula nourishes the hair, leaving it silky, shiny and soft without weighing it down.   Oi Lotion contains Roucou Oil, a plant from Amazonia, also kown as Annatto.  This oil is rich in beta-carotene (100 times more than carrots).  Roucou oil restores the hair and helps stimulate growth whilst providing longevity for your hair colour.


How to apply:

Shampoo your hair
Towel dry to remove any excess moisture

Apply Oi Lotion to midlengths and ends of your hair

Leave in for 15 minutes

Rinse out treatment and condition hair

Style are desired