A New Colour


A New Colour is the new ammonia-free permanent colouring system by Davines, designed and formulated to offer total coverage and perfect lifting.

A New colour is an extremely versatile and a complete system which provides full coverage of white hair and it can darken and lighten up to three levels.

Benefits of ANC:

  • Extraordinarily velvety, intense and multi-faceted colours
  • Uses natural anti-oxidants for long-lasting, shiny colours
  • Ammonia free, for an odorless and pleasant application
  • Delicate formulas for smooth and hydrated hair
  • Complete, simple and versatile system

Active ingredients to this colouring system include Carotenoids , Melanin, and Monoethanolamine (MEA) which is a liquid substance, soluble with water and biodegradable.

A New colour bleaching powder can lift up to 7 levels and does not contain any ammonium persulfates (thus it is ammonia-free).  It has very low volatility and ensures a controlled lightening process.  It also contains a blue pigment for an anti-yellow effect.